Notary Public

Denna information finns även tillgänglig på svenska.

A Notary Public is a person assigned to help the public. A notary public can help the public toverify and certify the truth in different tasks, for instance attesting signatures, confirm thatsomeone is authorized to do certain things, verify lottery, attending as a witness in certaincases, issuing apostilles and further more.

Notary public is allowed to work even outside their own district which means that I can helpyou even if you are living outside of Kalmar county.

Good to know before the meeting

  • Notes that notary Public can’t help you whit translate documents. AtKammarkollegiets website can you find authorized translator.
  • It’s important that you bring a valid Swedish ID or a international passport who verify your identity.
  • Affirm of photocopies – bring always the original documents to be copied. We takecopies, issues and certification stamps.
  • Confirmation of signature - confirmation of signature means that we certify your sign.You needs to attend in person to sign the documents.
  • Affirm power of attorney and life certificate – some documents include personal dataabout the principal that Notary Public needs to confirm. Beyond the ID you also needsto take a document who proving that the information is correct, normally an extractfrom the population register.
  • Affirm of company signatory - then you need transcript from Bolagsverket that showswho signs the company. The registration certificate can´t be older than three month.


By international agreement an apostille can be issued for documents that are to be used inanother country. (The country needs to be a connected whit Haag commission) When thedocuments got the apostille stamp, it is exempted from all forms of further validation from theMinistry of Foreign Affairs or a foreign embassy.

When you got the apostille stamp at the document means that notary public certify, whichgovernment who issued the act, who signed and in which attribute and also that the act havethe governments stamp. It’s important that you can find the information in the act, that’s arequirement from apostille.

Example of documents who can have apostille directly:

  • Dokuments issuing public guvernements. (t.ex. Skatteverket, Bolagsverket,Socialstyrelsen)
  • Transcript ( t.ex. extract from the population register and criminal records)
  • Court matter (t.ex. divorce from the district court)
  • Grade from Swedish university, high school and communal school ( not privateschool)
  • Documents signed of another notary public
  • Documents signed of chamber of commerce.
  • Extract from baptism, birth and marriage records from pastes office, marriagecertificate from the Swedish church and bailiff (dissenting or foreign religiouscommunities is not accepted)

All documents which can be endorsed with an apostille must bear:

  • A stamp from the government who gave you the document, where the namesappears.
  • Signature and name clarification at the document from a competent authorityperson
  • Information about the person´s position at the Authority.

Contact information

Assistant Notary Public in Kalmar

LL.M. Nelly Rassmussen Sjöstedt, Advokatfirman Kronan
Box 18, 391 20 Kalmar
Call for an appoiment: 0480-45 99 00

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